First read The Plan, second the Declaration, third the Constitution 2.0 revised

Our Goal: To restore our us constitutional Republic to the Founders design

The power of the People is GREATER than the people in power!

It isn't too late, our Republic CAN be Saved with your help

If you want the "swamp" completely drained in DC, the corruption ended, Federal over-reach reversed

We can fix what is wrong in Washington D.C.

using the same method our Founders used to completely drain the "swamp" and achieve:  term limits, deficit reduction, balanced budgets, repeal of the 17th Amendment, remove the ability for the Fed to tax our income and the elimination of unconstitutional federal agencies including the IRS, BLM, EPA just to name a few, all without loss of life while truly restoring Liberty with our Rights protected, not threatened as our current corrupt Goverment does on a daily basis.

There is a PLAN that's, legal, lawful and Constitutional in concept and design.

To learn all the details of the Plan of the LRC; what it accomplishes, what it entails, what precedent it employs, use the menu at the top of this page to read the Plan.  It is important to study all the documents on this site in the order from left to right that they appear on the menu or to start you can click on the picture of Lady Liberty. 

Absolute Power Has Corrupted Absolutely

Putting a few new people into a corrupt out-of-control system isn't the answer.  The only path to fixing the system is a reset.  The LRC has the plan and the method to execute it, but it won't happen without your participation.  Can you donate 12-minutes a day to restore Liberty?   That's all we ask.  We don't want your money, we won't beg for donations.  All you have to do is share this information with friends and family, make a few phone calls to the right people, follow-up with emails.  It is a simple, common sense remedy to fix what is wrong with our government.  Get informed then get involved.  But before you act please be sure and read all the documents on this site, agree with the Declaration of Intent, then start encouraging others to follow your lead.  Thank-you.

It all sounds good, how do I get started?

Submitting your email address signifies you agree with the LRC mission and endorse the Declaration of Intent, so please be sure you have read it and understand it before you hit the I Agree Button. Your email will not be sold or shared with anyone and will only be used to advance the mission of the LRC. You will receive email updates on the movement's progress.