First read The Plan, second the Declaration, third the Constitution 2.0 revised

Our Goal: To restore our us constitutional Republic to the Founders design

The Liberty Pledge

The Pledge

 For Liberty’s sake I pledge to know my Rights and to share this knowledge with others, so that together we can exercise and defend our Rights while we work to restore our Republic as our Founders intended it to be.  When this task is complete, no matter the cost, our Pledge of Allegiance will once again be true when we say,” One Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”  We further pledge to work to unite all of our efforts and to never attack any group that values Liberty; for only by being United in Liberty can we accomplish what God intended for our nation.

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It's our hope that you are excited about having discovered this Action and Movement to restore our Republic.  Before you start taking action please make sure you have read all the content on this site and agree with it.  Thanks for your help and support. 

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